FSX – Pilotable Battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth

FSX – Pilotable Battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth in WWII camo. She was the first Dreadnought battleship of the Queen Elizabeth class. She was in service from 1915 until 1946 and fought in WW1 and WW2. In 1941 she was sunk in shallow waters in the harbour of Alexandria/Egypt by italian scuba divers but later she came back to service. Length 195 m, beam 28 m. Propulsion 4 props on 2 steam turbines with max. speed of 24 knots. Armed with 8 x 15 inch main guns, 16 but later only 8×6 inch casemat guns plus different smaller guns. Now you can explore this huge warship by toggling through twenty six cameras showing hundreds of realisticly details including a virtual fly bridge. Effects are seperatly configured for port and starboard. The Ai-vessel is converted from Sketchup to native FSX by Klaus Novak and belongs to his WWII Royal Navy fleet at SOH.

Repaint in camo, 2D-panel, configurations and files for pilotable vessel by Erwin Welker

13 MB

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