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(4K) Return of the Planespotter – Watching Airplanes, Plane Spotting Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport

(4K) Return of the Planespotter – Watching Airplanes, Plane Spotting Chicago O’Hare Int’l AirportI find myself within attraction, standing in motion once again at a special place dear to this avgeek’s soul. Come with me on a trip down memory’s lane as I have returned for the first time in awhile to a place that will be familiar to those of you who have been with my channel for a number of years. Here you can feel the rumble beneath your feet as a ship of the air embraces solid ground yet again, the roar of the engines echoing, reverberating off the concrete announcing mankind’s triumph once more. We beat gravity! We’ve done it again! The distance between us is eliminated by the magic of the wing.

Many favorite videos of mine were filmed here in 2013-2014 especially and it has been around 5 years since I have created anything new from this location but recently I was given the green light to return to film here once more. At least for a little while. And so I decided to capitalize!

Yes, whispers of the past, a number of things have changed… but then again, many things have not. A flood of memories as I journey back in time just a few short years. Many a new good friend I have met here… many a friend that continues to this day. Young and old sharing a fun time together. Avgeeks, planespotters, men and women of aviation coming together to delight in the marvel of science and technology that is flight. Stories, news. Passing around the latest. Conversation stopping briefly, drowned out every now and then as we listen to the satisfying rush of high bypass reverse thrust. A Boeing queen thunders to a slow coast, exiting from the main stage, another mission almost complete. Here was a meeting place… a community united with a love for flying things and an enjoyment of the sky. For a time we simply moved our community elsewhere. But as I return I sense they have not gone away completely… I still see where they used to love to stand as they joined me in enjoyment of the march of metal.

For these the faithful of Chicago O’Hare,

Welcome all again!

About the Location:
This location is private property so spotting is only allowed here with permission. Part of the reason the company didn’t allow any planespotting here whatsoever for several years was due to their understandable disapproval and annoyance at having random passersby and airplane enthusiasts alike who didn’t know the rules and/or hadn’t asked for permission invite themselves in and trespass on company property. Even if you know where this location is, I recommend strongly that you gain permission from the company to watch airplanes here before doing so.


Landings, takeoffs filmed 2/29/20-3/4/20.

Aircraft / Airlines featured:
United Airlines Boeing 737-800 “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” Special Livery N36272, Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 747-8i “Lufthansa Retro” Livery D-ABYT, Aer Lingus Airbus A330-302 EI-EDY, Star Alliance (United Airlines) Boeing 767-322/ER, N653UA, United Airlines Boeing 767-322/ER “Evolution Blue” N649UA, All Nippon Airways – ANA Cargo Boeing 777-F JA772F, AirBridgeCargo Airlines – ABC Boeing 747-8F VP-BJS, KLM – KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner PH-BFE, Air France Cargo Boeing 777 F-GUOB, United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner N12012, TAP Portugal Airbus A330-941N A330-900neo CS-TUA, Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A330-343 HB-JHK, Iberia Airbus A330-302 EC-LYF, United Airlines Boeing 737-724 “Star Alliance Livery N13720, Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-3F2/ER TC-JJE, Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A350-941SE-RSA, Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 ET-AOU, Cargolux Boeing 747-8R7F/SCD LX-VCA, Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER 777-3B5/ER “Skyteam Alliance” Livery HL7783, Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 Freighter 747-4B5F/SCD N705CK, Air India Boeing 777-337/ER VT-ALM, United Airlines Boeing 777-222 777-200 N780UA, China Cargo Airlines Boeing 777-F6N B-2079, B-2071 China Southern Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-F1B, Atlas Air Boeing 747-47UF/SCD N408MC, Nippon Cargo Airlines – NCA Boeing 747-8KZF/SCD JA11KZ, Japan Airlines Boeing 777-346/ER JA740J JA733J, All Nippon Airways – ANA Boeing 777-381/ER JA732A, Western Global Airlines Boeing 747-446(BCF) N356KD, Air China Cargo Boeing 777-FFT B-2094, Kalitta Air Boeing 747-4HQF(ER) N782CK, China Southern Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-F1B CSN#437​ B-2072 from Anchorage International Airport PANC/ANC, AirBridgeCargo Airlines – ABC 747-8F VP-BJS, Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A350-941 SE-RSA

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