FSX – Latecoere 300

FSX – Latecoere 300. The Late 300 series of seaplanes is not as well known to aviation enthusiasts as their 290-298 series counterparts. And that’s not surprising. The 300 series was hardly ever produced individually, nor was it used as extensively. Nevertheless, the Late 300 was well worth a look. In the late 1920s, France experienced an unprecedented surge of interest in ocean-going aircraft capable of flying long distances without refueling. With World War II not in the plans of the Ministry of Aviation, the specifications for a new machine were chosen for a long-range mail plane to operate on the transoceanic line between North Africa and Brazil. In 1928, Latecoere tested its prototype Late 300 seaplane, which soon received the registration code G-AKCU.

By Denis Fouchard.

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