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CF Snowbirds Operation Inspiration Action | Toronto Pearson Int’l + Lake Simcoe Regional

CF Snowbirds Operation Inspiration Action | Toronto Pearson Int’l + Lake Simcoe RegionalHello everyone!

Welcome to this video! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while! 🙂 The CF Snowbirds coming by Southern Ontario for Operation Inspiration; their salute to the front line workers and to Canadians for doing their very best to fight off the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The team was enroute to Toronto Pearson Int’l from Canadian Forces Base Trenton for a fuel stop swinging by downtown Toronto first before heading into Pearson. Sadly, with a mishear on the phraseology we were not able to get the landing of the Snowbirds as they did two passes down RWY 15L and set up to land on RWY 24R. The departure was successful as they took off RWY 33R to London. And then the idea struck to head to the next airport they were going to- Lake Simcoe Regional just outside of Barrie.

So a few friends and I showed up to a packed airport waiting for the arrival of these aircraft. They were delayed a few due to weather in the surrounding vicinity but did make their way over from London with the two coordinators landing on RWY 28 with an overhead flyby but unfortunately the nine-ship team came straight in due to the weather. We were then able to catch some close up shots of the aircraft and interact with some of the pilots afterwards.

All the best to the rest of the team during the rest of the operation, such a huge boost during these times. Enjoy the video!

Ernest G.


Airline: Operated by the Canadian Forces
Flight: SWBD10/ SWBD1
Aircraft: 11x Canadair CT-114 Tutor’s
Registrations: 1 (114050) 2 (114033) 3 (114009) 4 (114089) 5 (114146) 6 (114109) 7 (114058) 8 (114090) 9 (114096) 10 (114131) 11 (114161)
Origin: 1st Arrival Canadian Forces Base Trenton (CYTR), 2nd Arrival London Int’l (CYXU) Destination: 1st Departure London Int’l (CYXU)

Date Filmed: 10MAY20
Times: 1015hrs, 1245hrs, 1745hrs

© Ernest Gutschik Aviation 2020

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