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4K) (Rare) Volga-Dnepr Ilyushin IL-76 Landing 28C Arrival | Planespotting Chicago O’Hare Airport

4K) (Rare) Volga-Dnepr Ilyushin IL-76 Landing 28C Arrival | Planespotting Chicago O’Hare Airport**** SEE PINNED COMMENTS FOR AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION ****

Generally these Russian aircraft are really very rare here at the ol’ Chicago O’Hare but this is now my second Il-76 in this weird “Era of Wildcard” as I like to call the current times. Anything goes!! I could really get used to this… seeing the random Antonov or Ilyushin cargo sortie to my little
corner of the globe on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen it a bunch of times, I still go because every time is special to me. This time I got the landing on runway 28C, which, don’t get me wrong, I do love the arrival for 10C, but there is just something about getting the touchdown up-close as well as the reverse thrust in there. Plus I can get the taxiback through the chain link fence usually.

I also zoomed up north to the famous Northeast cargo ramp to get it one more time. Due to traffic I was a little too late to get the pull-in and shutdown but I did get the pushback into position for the un-load …you un-load/load an IL-76 from the rear.

Filmed 5/11/2020
Landing Runway 28C

Volga-Dnepr Airlines Ilyushin Il-76TD-90VD RA-76511
VI/VDA3238 from Khabarovsk – Novy Airport Аэропорт Хабаровск UHHH/KHV by way of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport PANC/ANC…​…​

Recently visited:
Koltsovo International Airport Аэропорт Кольцово USSS/SVX Yekaterinburg, Russia, and Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport KIAH/IAH

Thanks to for the information included below……​

Four 117.7kN (26,455lb) Aviadvigatel (Soloviev) D30KP turbofans.
Il-76MF – Four 156.9kN (35,275lb) Aviadvigatel PS90ANs.

– Il-76T – Max speed 850km/h (460kt), cruising speed 750 to 800km/h (405 to 430kt).
– Max range with reserves 6700km (3615nm), range with 40 tonne (88,185lb) payload 5000km (2700nm).
Il-76TD – Speeds same.
– Range with max payload 3650km (1970nm), with 20 tonne (44,090lb) payload 7300km (3940nm).
– Il-76MF – Cruising speed range 750 to 780km/h (405 to 420kt).
– Range with 40 tonne (88,185lb) payload 5200km (2805nm).

– Il-76T – Max takeoff 170,000kg (374,785lb).
– Il-76TD – Max takeoff 190,000kg (418,875lb).
– Il-76MF – Operating empty 101,000kg (222,665lb),
max payload 52,000kg (114,640lb), max takeoff 200,000kg (440,925lb).

Flightcrew of five including two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and radio operator, plus two freight handlers. Il-76MP firefighting conversion can carry 44 tonnes (97,000lb) of fire retardant in two tanks.

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