FS2004 – Tadoule Lake CYBQ In North Manitoba Canada

FS2004 – Tadoule Lake CYBQ In North Manitoba Canada. Tadoule Lake is a First Nation settlement of Dene on the northwest shore of Tadoule Lake, around 100 miles east of Lac Brochet. There was (in 2010) a population of around 700. Access is, once again, only by means of a winter ice road or by air to Tadoule Lake airfield. The Tadoule Lake airfield has a gravel runway of just over 3,200 feet, lit, aligned 06-24, and without PAPI (as of 2010). It is close to the settlement, half a mile or so further inshore to the west and on higher ground. This is posted as an individual airport with textures etc but should preferably be added into the Gillam post by copying over the BGL’s and textures (though the textures should all be already in the Gillam post). Whatever you prefer to do, but note that I am presuming that you will add to Gillam, and there may be some textures not included in this version. For instance, car textures are not included here or in any of the individual posts, but can be copied over from the Gillam post if you want to install it as a single.

By Roger Wensley.

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