FSX – Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary

FSX – Ocean Liner RMS Queen Mary. This vessel was definitly the queen of the Atlantic. She sailed from 1936 until 1967 between Southampton, Cherbourg and New York, won the Blue Riband (for record crossings) in 1936 and kept it until 1952 (except 1937 were won the Normandie). During WWII she served as troopship. She has a length of 311 m/1019 feet, a beam of 36 m/118 feet Since 1967 and reached with her four eingines of 200.000 Shp/150.000 Kw up to 33 knots. With a crew of 1100 men she carried up to 2,139 passengers. Since 1967 the Queen Mary is mored at Long Beach/California and serves as museum, restaurant and hotel ship. The pilotable version has a extremly detailed virtual historical navigation bridge plus a photoreal 2D panel. Thirty camera views let you explore all decks and the virtual bridge. The gauges are made by Pierre-Jean Carosin.

FSDS 3.5 models and 2D panel by Erwin Welker

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