FSX/P3D – Concorde Sound Package

FSX/P3D – Concorde Sound Package. My newest heavily updated Concorde sound package. A realistic sound pack for the Olympus 593 engine. 3D sound cone technology has been used, you can hear the afterburners blasting from behind Concorde. This will make your Concorde come to life again. Uber realism with the spool up, startup, takeoff roars, and afterburners from behind. Interior sounds have been carefully recorded and old videos have been used for realism with permission and massive thank you and help from Adrian Bennett who has recently fully started and run the worlds only running Olympus 593 Mk610 engine. The Olympus engines are two spool engines, 38,050 lbs of thrust were delivered to push the Concorde to Mach 2.

By Kelvin Keeble.

74.5 MB

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