FSX – Pilotable WWII Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet

FSX – Pilotable WWII Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet. The vessel was one of the Yorktown-class and went in service October 1942. With a length of 252 m and a with of 33 m, a speed of 32.5 knots and 2900 men crew it was a quite big and modern aircraft carrier at the Pacific war. Very famous became the Hornet due to the Doolittle Raid in April 1942 against Japan. Sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers were carried on the decks and all made successfully take offs from the deck without any catapult. In June 1942 Hornet fought in the Battle of Midway. In October 1942 the huge ship went lost in a battle against the japanese Navy. After attacked by bombs and a big fire, Kami Kaze attacks and finally torpedo shots the Hornet sank. Now you can explore this warship in camo textures by toggling through thirty one cameras showing hundreds of realisticly details. A 2D panel, ship effects and the original grey textures from the ai-version are included. The Ai-vessel is converted from Sketchup to native FSX by Klaus Novak and belongs to his WWII US Navy fleet at SOH. Repaint in camo, 2D-panel, configurations and files for pilotable vessel by Erwin Welker

49.5 MB

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