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March of Metal – Takeoffs & Landings A340 A300 747 777 787 Chicago O’Hare International Airport

March of Metal – Takeoffs & Landings A340 A300 747 777 787 Chicago O’Hare International AirportThis wasn’t filmed in March nor is every airplane you see here composed entirely of metal! *GASP* Relax, it’s just a title folks. With this video we usher in July and say farewell to June until next year. Happy to have another chance at Saudia doing a repatriation/cargo flight as well as add the Turkish Boeing 787-9 to the list of “spotted at ORD”. There is a bonus walk-around clip of the American Airlines Astrojet at the end of this video. Another first for me was the Polish Independence livery Boeing 787-9… I just wish it had been in better light. A number of clips in this video are also from a new spotting location that is north of the arrivals for 28C, 28R. Not sure how much I’ll use it in future since it is a little distant.

A word about Flight Information in videos…
Due to time being short for me to work on this video I have included a abbreviated version detailing the aircraft and airlines you see included even though I generally try to add a full list of all arrivals and departures. If you need to know a certain flight you can punch in the registration to or

Stay calm and watch airplanes.

00:00 Cargolux Boeing 747-8 R7F/SCD “50 Years Livery”
00:30 American Airlines Astrojet Livery Boeing 737-800
01:33 Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
02:36 Saudia Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
Repatriation flight, they don’t usually serve ORD
03:22 Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-8F
04:02 Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i
04:43 Cape Air Tecnam P2012 Traveller N722CA
Finally got this one! They usually send it to a north runway (where I am not)
05:22 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER
06:12 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER
07:00 ATI – Air Transport International Boeing 767-300F
08:42 American Airlines Air Cal Special Livery Boeing 737-800
09:00 Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER
Good to see them back!! (cargo only I think)
09:41 Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A330-300
Welcome back! (cargo only I think)
10:15 British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
11:01 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER
11:54 Air France Cargo Boeing 777-200LRF Freighter
Making that landing interesting!
13:02 United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER
What was once a boring mainstay is now a rarity here.
14:05 Emirates Boeing 777-300ER
14:46 Random train. Because trains are cool too.
15:15 Atlas Air Cargo Boeing 747-400
16:34 Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo Boeing 747-8F
17:55 Sky Lease Cargo Boeing 747-400
The alter-ego two-sided 744 makes another appearance!
19:07 China Cargo Boeing 777-200LRF
20:09 Aeromexico Boeing 737-800
Another airline we’ve welcomed back recently…
20:45 Qatar Airways Boeing A350-1000
22:00 United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
22:40 United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
23:39 FedEx Cargo Boeing 767-300F
24:26 United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
24:59 Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i
25:47 Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Really enjoying the temporary change in
equipment over the Airbus 330s
26:48 Delta Air Lines Boein 717-200
27:29 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-990ER
28:05 Saudia Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
29:18 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER
30:05 KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 787-10
30:42 EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER
31:55 Swiss Air International Airbus A340-300
33:20 Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Cargo flight!
34:23 Cargolux Boeing 747-8 F “50 Years Livery”
35:39 Atlas Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F
36:53 Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A330-300
37:47 United Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
38:53 EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER
40:00 Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-8F
41:02 Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300
42:05 UPS Airlines Airbus A300-600
43:38 Air Canada Express Embraer ERJ-170 Series
44:40 AeroUnion Cargo Airbus 300-600F
45:55 LOT – Polish Airlines Boeing 787-9
“Proud of Poland’s Independence” Livery
Wish the light wasn’t so poor. Still happy I got it.
46:53 American Airlines Astrojet walk-around

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