Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference

aviation_newsAviation Week’s Civil Aviation Manufacturing Conference will provide a unique platform to bring together the leaders of major manufacturers and suppliers to discuss manufacturing capabilities — examining, evaluating, and where possible, putting common solutions and best practices into place.

Exclusive Intelligence

Update on the merge of Goodrich into United Technologies Corp and the development of the new organization, UTC Aerospace Systems

Preview of advanced manufacturing investment and pilot projects from two of the nation’s premiere laboratories — Oak Ridge National Lab and Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing
Look at how companies — from large to small — are dealing with emerging markets, from China to closer to home. Including an update on the streamlining to ITAR/Export regulations released April 17 by the State and Commerce Departments

Overview of workforce critical skill demand and how organizations are working to assure their manufacturing employees come up to speed as quickly as possible

5 Lessons on Improving Operations Performance

Attendees will walk away with a valid forecast on fly-to-buy ratios across the supply chain. For the first time in 2013 we also have clarity and fidelity around the hiring requirements in support of civil aviation manufacturing.

Plus- five trends driving manufacturing performance improvement — from Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, LORD Corp
•    Design for Manufacturing
•    Automation
•    Tools/Software/Processes
•    LEAN 4.0
•    Taking Operations Global

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