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A330 production rate reaches 10 per month to meet strong global market demand

hqdefaultCulminating a nine-year doubling of production capacity, Airbus’ A330 output rate has now reached 10 aircraft monthly – responding to this twin-engine jetliner’s continued popularity with airlines, cargo carriers, military services and VIP operators.

The A330 is an aircraft of choice for a full range of users, resulting from its excellent operating economics, proven reliability and flexibility.  At the rate of 10 per month, A330 production is the highest ever for an Airbus widebody jetliner.

Airbus’ policy of continuous improvement has introduced such enhancements as increases in maximum takeoff weight, systems upgrades and cabin modernisation across the A330 product line. As a result, the A330 is the most popular aircraft ever in its category.

Current production includes the A330-200 and A330-300 passenger versions, the A330-200F freighter, and the military Multi Role Tanker Transport – which is based on the A330-200 airframe, equipped for aerial refueling missions along with troop and cargo airlift.

At a total of 1,246 orders booked from 92 customers and over 960 deliveries made to date, more than three years of production is ensured at the current high output rate with an A330 backlog volume that today is above 280 aircraft.

The A330’s overall numbers are impressive: 1.1 billion-plus passengers carried during its operational career, with a takeoff or landing performed somewhere in the world every 25 seconds.   Globally, the A330 fleet covers more than 8.8 million kilometers daily – the equivalent of circling the world 222 times each 24 hours.

Programme head Patrick Piedrafita said more than 800 sales have been logged since Aribus’ competitor launched its 787, validating the A330’s sustained competitiveness.  In addition, the A330-300 version is well positioned as a perfect medium-haul complement to the A350 XWB when this next-generation Airbus jetliner enters service.

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