The Airline Project 0.3.7 Announced

AirlineBanner_1000x400newThe team at the Airline Project is proud to announce the release of the latest version of Airline Project (formerly The Airline), a free airline/business simulation game. This version is our most stable yet and introduces many new features and optimizations taking us to an even higher level of detail.

New Features:

  • Added hundreds of airports, airlines, and even a few new historic aircraft
  • Passenger demand now grows from year to year and for minor airports with scheduled commercial service
  • Pilots and flight school, complete with training aircraft
  • Routes with stopovers
  • Airlines can now start from different countries where applicable
  • Scenarios
  • Improved customer rating system
  • Major destinations for airports (currently complete for US, in progress for other countries)
  • Additional functionality with subsidiary airlines
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements have been made as well

With this release, we are also doing a couple promos to increase exposure to the game:

  1. At 500 and 1000 likes on Facebook, we will give away a $25 randomly drawn gift card to the store of your choice (Amazon, Newegg, iTunes, etc)
  2. If version 0.3.7 receives 5000 downloads prior to the release of the next version (2-3 months), we will give away a randomly drawn gift card with a value of $50.
  3. We encourage visitors and users to consider donating to us on PayPal. This money goes primarily towards paying for our server, and may also be used for minor game and web site improvements. Every little bit counts, and anyone who donates will be entered into the $50 drawing.
  4. To gain a better idea of the playing habit of our users, we have created a PDF survey on the site which can be filled out and emailed with your local client or webmail service. Again, users who complete this will be entered in the $50 drawing.

Unlike with prior versions, we hope to offer more extended support using a new installation and patching software that will be the medium of usage starting with this version. We expect at least two patches to be released for this version in the next 2 weeks, so if you find any bugs/errors/inconsistencies, please let us know so we can address them promptly.

For complete rules and conditions, visit the web site. Donations are not a requirement, and will not entitle you nor deny you access to any game content or features.

As always, we would like to extend our thanks to the web sites providing us with free exposure and advertising, and the ever-growing group of contributors and testers who help us make each version better and better.

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