F-14D Tomcat for Flight Simulator X from Dino Cattaneo

landing2Ok…it is ready, more or less.Here is the release build of the F-14D. It is not 100% bug free, and some functions are not working as they should or could… but at this point I believe it is good enough for release and, although I do not like too much patches and fixes, they are a good method of improving the product quality – so expect some coming for the F-14, too.

This is a “limited” introduction – that is the file will initially be available only on Google Docs. This is done ONLY to verify that the file works (i.e. there are no catastrophic issues) before releasing to repositories like Avsim or Flightsim. The file is 128Mb so, Google Docs is likely to have bandwith issues. Rest assued that the file will be released to the usual servers asap.

Learn more on Dino Cattaneo’s blog

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