Incheon Airport signed an MOU with Dohuk Airport in Iraq for consignment management

71962220385a5f979ed3e8c477b0d3e8Incheon Airport is to share its business experience in airport operation with Dohuk International Airport in Iraq, following the precedent set with Erbil Airport in the same country.

The Airport signed an MOU with the KRG Dohuk Governorate in Iraq for consignment management of Dohuk Airport, on January 29.

According to the contract, the Airport plans to submit a proposal to be able to complete the related negotiation and contracting process for consignment management of Dohuk Airport within six months, to share Incheon Airport’s business expertise in advanced airport operation for the successful opening and operation of Dohuk Airport.

Dohuk province is one of the three provinces (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk) of Iraqi Kurdistan. With its temperate climate and geographical advantages of neighboring Turkey and Syria, the province is seeing an increase in population and demand for tourism. To meet the demand, it is building an international airport with a capacity of 500 thousand annual passengers, using a 400 million US Dollars investment. The Dohuk Governorate has selected Makyol, a Turkish construction company, as a contractor to begin the construction in March this year.

Incheon Airport won a bid for the business management of the airport’s construction in July last year, and is planning to start providing services for process and quality management by dispatching experts in each sector beginning from March this year.

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