Canadian Xpress March Fly-In: Easter Island

imageCXAEaster Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. The nearest inhabited land (50 residents) is Pitcairn Island at 2,075 kilometers (1,289 mi), and the nearest continental point lies in central Chile, at 3,512 kilometers (2,182 mi).

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to join us on Saturday, March 16th at 20h00est (Sunday 01h00z) for our March 2013 fly-in where we fly a long haul route from Lima Peru (SPIM) to Easter Island (SCIP).

This is an open invitation to all pilots no matter what your flying experience to attend this Canadian Xpress® sponsored event.

More information regarding this event including operational details, charts, optional add-on scenery and the Canadian Xpress SB Model Set can be viewed by visiting or by directly downloading our Fly-In document here.

See you all on Saturday the 16th!

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