Knut Skaar steps down as Chief Executive Air Navigation Services in Avinor

 Knut Skaar has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Air Navigation Services (ANS). He refers to the collaborative challenges he has experienced internally in ANS over the past six months as the reason for his decision.

“I feel it would benefit the further process for fresh blood to come in, and I wish to focus on professional air safety navigation tasks in my future career,” says Knut Skaar. 

Skaar stresses that he has shown great trust in employees and elected representatives and had faith in effective solutions being identified through dialogue.  

“Recently we have been unable to achieve this, and I feel that this confidence has been lost.  I still believe that the company will be able to come up with solutions that will ensure that what we deliver lives up to the expectations of society and our customers.  But this requires mutual trust and respect, which I do not perceive to exist with regard to myself at this time. It is therefore important that a new manager takes over ANS,” he says.  

“Knut has done a formidable job heading up ANS in Avinor for a number of years,” says CEO Dag-Falk Petersen.  

“I regret that he has decided to step down, but fully understand his decision. I would like to thank Knut for his efforts, and I am confident that Knut will continue to be an important player in the aviation industry in the years ahead,” the CEO concludes.  

Knut Skaar steps down on Friday 28 September.  Executive Director Anders Kirsebom, who manages the Large Airports division in Avinor, will take over as acting head of ANS until a new Chief Executive is appointed.  Knut Skaar is now ready to tackle other tasks within the field of air safety navigation.  

“I am now looking forward to taking on new tasks and would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues in Avinor for the collaboration in my position as Chief Executive ANS,” says Knut.

Source: Avinor

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