Italy. SEA (Milan airports): the extension of the connection between the railway and T1 and T2 at the Malpensa airport considered strategic for Europe

The Malpensa preliminary business draft for the development of the airport was presented yesterday: plans for an extended railway link between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

At present, the railway line links Milan to Terminal 1, which once extended, will be 3.4 km long reaching the new Terminal 2 including a new train station, a multi-level parking garage and a pedestrian passage.

It is an infrastructure project that will improve connections between Milan and Malpensa Airport Terminal 2, chosen by easyJet as its main operational airbase in continental Europe. The T2 will thus be part of an international network that connects air transport and railway, ensuring a high quality service when it comes to accessibility, including the “Low-Cost” segment as well.

This is the first phase of a project that in the future will connect the Sempione railway track with the new Gottardo via Varese-Arcisate Stabio and Gallarate.

Worth highlighting is the fact that this project will significantly reduce road traffic therefore will surely have a positive impact on the environment.

For these reasons this plan triggered The European Community’s interest, in fact, it decided to finance 50% of the final project valued 2.6 million Euros. The entire job is considered important because it encourages inter modality between railway and air transport.

The station will be an important interchange for the territory. It will consist of a one-level platform of about 10 metres deep and a mezzanine floor of nearly 3 metres below ground level. A big two-level parking space will be built able to host more than 1,000 cars. In addition, a pedestrian link covered in a steel and glass frame will connect the train station to the terminal. The same architectural elements will be applied to other parts of the station, such as skylights and glass windows, as well as the facade of the existing terminal in order to obtain a harmonious visual impression.

The station will be located on the territory of Somma Lombardo, but will serve the residents of a large area near the airport.

The final design of the T1-T2 railway link has been funded by the TEN-T 2010 project of the European Community.

The cost of the 3.4 km rail link, the railway station and the multi-level parking garage at Terminal 2 is estimated to be 140 million Euros.

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