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VIDEO – World’s Most Dangerous Airports (Kai Tak Approach)

Thanks for watching everyone! Don’t forget to rate and leave a comment :)testing my system upgrade im using now two video cards radeon HD5870 , i can see a increase of 2-3 frames with fraps and 5-10 without using fraps, in other games the performance increased a lot, mostly 5-10 frames and the video cards dont get more than 35-40 degrees, who makes it much more faster, i wish if you could visualize it without using fraps because is really better–lol believe me.

Anyway my pc is: Mboard asus P5X58D-eXtreme ||| Operating system: windows 7 ultimate(64bit)|||||| Gpu AtiRadeon HD5870(overclocked to 900mhz- clock memory 1300mhz)|||||| Cpu i7 930 overclocked to 3.0ghz|||| Psu corsair 1000w |||| Cpu cooling: corsair H50 |||| system installed in raid 0 via 2 x sata3.0(6gb|s) now i have Kingston HyperX 12GB 2000 MHz DDR3 Triple Channel this is basically all feel free to subscribe and leave a comment, i really would appreciate it thanks so much, Guitar gamery-Marco



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