FSX – VFR Low Altitude Flight Plans

FSX – VFR Low Altitude Flight Plans. Set of three VFR Low Altitude Flight Plans in Florida, Australia, and South Korea. Installation and usage instructions are inside each individual folder. These are great routes for B-52, F-111, B-1B, B-2 A6, A4, Vulcan and any fighter or bomber enthusiasts. Of course you can fly the routes with any aircraft of your choice. Included in this package are two gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flying and Pave Tack which includes many advanced features for bombing, navigation and reconnaissance. These two gauges will greatly enhance your ability to fly these challenging routes and are a great companion of the flight plans. Another option is to download version 2.1 of the mini panel which has all this functionality and more. By Bill McClellan.
5 MB

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