– FS2004 Vought SBU-1

FS2004 Vought SBU-1. The SBU-1 was one of many Vought aircraft to be named “Corsair”. It was one of the last fixed gear scout bombers to used by the Navy. This FSDSv3 project has the usual animations, sliding canopy, operating tail hook, landing and nav lights. The 2D panel and VC are based on a photo. The VC has operating gauges and animated flight controls. The paint job is for the 1st section leader of VS-3 assigned to the USS Saratoga (see SARAV3.ZIP). The 2D panel has the catapult and arrestor gauge from RCBCO-20.ZIP installed for carrier ops (RCBCO-20.ZIP is not included). By Paul Clawson.
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