– FS2004 Fouga CM 170 Magister

FS2004 Fouga CM 170 Magister, SLVSV BA 102, Dijon, 1977. Textures only; a repaint of the Fouga Magister by A. Chancel, J-P Langer, J-P Bourgeois, B. Dube and M. Hardouin. The aircraft comes complete with a thorough documentation both in French and in English. This repaint happens to portray the very first Fouga Magister in which the author has flown, at the beginning of 1977. Nothing of a “Christmas Tree”, just a plain Fouga in operational markings like nearly all of them were. Two sets of textures are included featuring two different levels of shine, so you can install whichever you prefer according to your own taste. Repaint by Michel Gerard.

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