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Western Europe Fly-In

In this aerial tour, sub form of Fly-In, you will explore some of the most beautiful cities in Western Europe.

This is in celebration of Microsoft’s recently City Update IV, released as a free download.

Visit several cities in Western Europe, including Annemasse in France, Geneva in Switzerland, Ghent in Belgium, Luxembourg and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

A fascinating journey that not only enhances the fantastic detail of the scenery and cities reproduced in 3D, but also gives you a wealth of historical, economic and geographical information that makes the excursion a cultural enrichment.

Flight information and historical tidbits are narrated by the voice guide during the tour but are also collected in a handy FlightBook that can be downloaded and accessed at any time.


  • New livery for the default Cessna 172 SP
  • The excursion takes the form of a classic Bush Trip of about 650 nautical miles and 6 stops.
  • Available from the Perfect Flight website the FlightBooks of the trip (in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese). Real tour guides! You will receive the direct download link immediately after purchase.
  • You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, date and time.
  • You have full access to Checklists and Assistance Options.
  • Multiplayer feature is also enabled, so you can fly online with your friends

This product is only availble via Microsoft Marketplace!

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