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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | March 25th Development Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | March 25th Development UpdateUnder Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,the icing effect has been one of the common issues most of us have faced. Its affecting not just the visuals appearing to see a frosty aircraft, at the same time performance.

Patch is planned to be released tomorrow.

According to Martial Bossard, the Executive producer at Asobo, they are right now working on this and there several layers involved which appear to be simple, but quite complex. Folks with the VR have experienced this effect that has been aggravating that gives them a hard time reading inside the cockpit.

Other top concerns for most of us flying IFRs at the moment would be the localizers, The question in the air would be onto how come there are no offset approaches and when can be expected this to be applied. The plans for this has been an ongoing effort to improve these areas which would also be addressed in Sim Update 4. Hopefully this is a complete fix for this specific issue as its not easy to manage with the process being quite large in hand. There have been miscommunications within the system between the runway data and the ils data which Asobo have been working towards.

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