(4K) 1 Hour Plane Spotting – MD-11, DC-10, 747, 777, 787, Etc. Watching Airplanes O’Hare Airport

(4K) 1 Hour Plane Spotting – MD-11, DC-10, 747, 777, 787, Etc. Watching Airplanes O’Hare Airport
Featuring a McDonnell Douglas MD-11, FedEx MD-10 variant and bunches of Boeing 747, 777 and 787 aircraft plus over 30 cargo and passenger airlines that regularly serve Chicago O’Hare. This is the very best in two-hands, no-tripod plane spotting videography.

T’was another qusty and groovalicious week in the Windy City suburbs on the shores of Lake Michigan. March is here with thawing temperatures and spring is just around the corner… time for another quick joyride once more to the busy airport I love. Another beautiful day or more to stand in the chilly breezes from morning glow to sunset’s distant fire and watch the march of metal birds play the wind, floating, maneuvering in the rushing invisibility (ok, ok… yes, there is some composite plastic in there as well). Plant the mains, kick her straight, reverse… and then, of course, for some of the landings you see here filmed on 7/13/20 the winds were so strong going right down the runway that pilots weren’t even needing much reverse thrust to stop at all. This one is sort of a “This Week at Chicago O’Hare” since it involves a lot of great stuff from an entire week of filming.

Got some good ones here including tons and tons of cargo heavies, including Turkish Airlines Cargo, ANA Airlines Cargo, Cargolux Italia, among others. Star Alliance Air India Boeing 777, BOAC livery Boeing 747, a rare to O’Hare Saudia Cargo Boeing 777F, the Aer Lingus Boeing 757, which finally came in early enough I got it before complete nightfall, and Icelandair landing 28C, which never really seems to happen that often when I am in position to film it. Sun Country makes an appearance for the first time in a video of mine from here at O’Hare as does the elusive DHL Cargo Boeing 777F that so often goes to 27R-9L when I am at the opposite runway. Also got the Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 departure for the first time ever since the schedule has been updated for them to depart around 7pm instead of much later at night.

Footage filmed 3/7/20 – 3/13/20

Aircraft / Airlines Featured:
Cargolux Boeing 747-8F LX-VCA, Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 747-8i, British Airways Boeing 747-400, British Airways Boeing 747-400, G-BYGC “BOAC Livery”, Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-FFG 777-200LRF, Air India Boeing 777-300ER “Celebrating India”, Royal Jordanian Airlines Boeing 787-8, United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER, KLM – Royal Dutch Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 747-8i, Sun Country Airlines Boeing 737-800W, Icelandair Boeing 757-223 757-200, American Airlines “Allegheny Airlines Heritage Livery” Airbus A319-112, N745VJ Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-990/ER, United Airlines Airbus A320-232, Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A350-941, United Airlines Boeing 737-724, Turkish Airways Boeing 777-300ER, Scandinavian Airlines – SAS Airbus A350-941, UPS Airlines Airbus A300 N126UP, American Airlines Boeing 787-8, FedEx Express McDonald Douglas DC-10, American Airlines Boeing 737-800, Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200, Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo Boeing 747-8F, Lufthansa Airbus A350-900, Air India Boeing 777-337/ER, VT-ALJ “Star Alliance Livery”, China Southern Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-F1B, All Nippon Airways – ANA Boeing 777-381/ER, Air China Cargo Boeing 777-FFT, Japan Airlines – JAL Boeing 777-346/ER, Turkish Airlines Cargo Boeing 777F, Federal Express McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-409F/SCD, EVA Air Cargo Boeing 777-F, Asiana Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-446F/SCD, All Nippon Airways – ANA Cargo Boeing 777-F, American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Cargolux Italia Boeing 747-4R7F/SCD, Nippon Cargo Airlines – NCA Boeing 747-8KZF/SCD, Kalitta Air Boeing 747-4B5F, Cargolux Boeing 747-8R7F/SCD, British Airways Boeing 747-436, American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Air France Airbus A330-203, Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-3Z9/ER, United Airlines Boeing 777-222/ER, American Airlines Boeing 777-223/ER, Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88, FedEx – Federal Express Boeing 767-300F, All Nippon Airways – ANA Boeing 777-381/ER, Emirates Boeing 777-31H/ER, Aer Lingus Airbus A330-302, United Airlines Boeing 767-322/ER, Iberia Airbus A330-302, EC-LUX, Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX/ER, American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-214, Emirates Boeing 777-300/ER, United Airlines Boeing 777-222/ER, DHL Cargo Southern Air Cargo Boeing 777F, Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

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