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Quick RNAV Approach Tutorial – FS2020 – TBM 930

Quick RNAV Approach Tutorial – FS2020 – TBM 930This is short but informative video on how to shoot a RNAV Approach in the TBM930. Check timestamps for quick navigation! I’m still unsure about what is wrong with the GP (Glide Path) but found a way to correct it! Hopefully it will work the first time for you! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Intro – 0:00​
Cockpit Setup – 0:40​
Important Approach Info – 2:28​
Crusin! – 3:43​
Activating Approach Mode – 5:30​
Approach Issues!? – 6:20​
Intercepting the GP – 9:03​
Landing – 11:22​

Thanks for watching! Hope this helps! Fly Safe!

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