FSX – Sail Training Tall Ships Gorch Fock And Sagres

FSX – Sail Training Tall Ships Gorch Fock And Sagres. Pilotable 3-masted barques as sail training vessels for the German and Portuguese Navy, the tall ships Gorch Fock and Sagres. Gorch Fock sails for the Deutsche Marine since 1958. She replaced her older sister from 1933 with the same name. N.R.P. Sagres is a early sister of the German Gorch Fock class, but buildt allready in 1938 as Albert Leo Schlageter. She served for the Deutsche Kriegsmarine until heaviyly demaged by a russian mine. In 1948 she sailed for the brazilian Navy as Guanabar. Since 1962 the barque replaced Portugals old Sagres with that one from 1938. The pilotable boats are extremly detailed and can be explored by thirty two camera views on the decks and high above on the masts. The animations let you change up to six sails and the Gorch Fock has six climbing crewmen plus a Flap-controled heel angle. The models probably sails also in FS2004 and P3dV3.

FSDS 3.5 models and 2D panel by Erwin Welker

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