FS2020 – The Eastfrisian Island of Juist

FS2020 – The Eastfrisian Island of Juist. Juist is one of the eastfrisian islands separating the open North Sea from the Wadden Sea towards the Eastfrisian mainland. Juist is an island formed by dunes, about 17 km long, but less than a kilometer wide. It can be reached from Norddeich by a tide dependend ferry or by plane. In fact, Juist airfield is one of the busiest in Lower Saxony. As with most eastfrisian islands cars are not allowed on the island and transportation is performed by horse drawn vehicles or (e-)bikes. Juist’s main natural attraction are its splendid white beaches on the north side. The south side is dominated by meadows which are void of trees. Forest exists to the south and west of lake Hammer (“Hammer See”), a place where the North sea once broke through and divided the island into two. There are many places on the island worth a visit. One of it is the “Domaene Bill”, a restaurant near its west end.

By Christian Grimsel

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