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(4K) MAXIMUM STOP!! Boeing 777 Short Field Landing in 3000 ft/900m, Planespotting O’Hare Airport

(4K) MAXIMUM STOP!! Boeing 777 Short Field Landing in 3000 ft/900m, Planespotting O’Hare AirportNot often seen!! Maximum stopping power of a Boeing 777 on landing. I’m not the type to use capital letters and exclamation marks but I have to admit this was pretty cool.

Except when it’s a….
and then I do use them 😉

I have included two different landings here so you can see the difference between a more normal landing distance example of around 7,000-8,000 ft (EVA Air Boeing 777-200LRF) and the more abrupt short field landing example (Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ER).

Delta Air Lines has been using a number of their Boeing 777-200ER aircraft for all-cargo flights between Chicago O’Hare Airport and European destinations, mostly Frankfurt EDDF/FRA. This one, came back empty (I presume) and can be seen here landing runway 28C.

The aircraft lands on Runway 28C (Center) and instead of doing what most Boeing 777s and other large planes do by rolling out to Taxiway P1 (Papa 1) or P2 (Papa 2) (link for airport diagram below) further down the runway, the crew avoided having to go all the way around to get to South Cargo and elected to slam on the brakes and exit at Taxiway S (Sierra) a little beyond the black and white 3,000 ft remaining distance marker sign for opposite direction Runway 10C thus completing the turnoff in roughly 3,000 ft or approximately 900 meters give or take. They did not touchdown on the immediate beginning of the runway so the actual stopping distance may have been less than 2,800-2,900 ft of runway.

A few fellow planespotters were watching this (yes, we were keeping the appropriate social distancing) and you can hear some of our surprise to see what you see in this video since we all had our cameras ready and were anticipating a more leisurely coasting landing.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-232ER N863DA
DAL#3341​ from Frankfurt International Airport EDDF/FRA



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