FSX/FS2004 – Learjet 45 Panel Revision 2

FSX/FS2004 – Learjet 45 Panel Revision 2. This is a complete package, the previously issued Learjet45_DDJD package is not required. Update 1 and Update 2 are not required. This revision has extra functionality, and a number of bug fixes. It has a complex autopilot with “True” Vertical Speed mode. Update to David Durst’s excellent Learjet 45 Panel. Has moving map display with terrain, updated autopilot, enhanced PFD and EICAS displays, PFD has autopilot annunciator, authentic radio management units (RMUs), NAV2 or NAV1 radio can couple to HSI and autopilot, functional Crew Warning Panel (CWP) and Crew Alerting System (CAS), improved Master/Caution displays, and audible (spoken) warnings and cautions. Has drift bug and heading bug. Documentation is provided.

By Jon Dyer

13.5 MB

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