FSX – Pilotable WWII Battleship KONGO

FSX – Pilotable WWII Battleship KONGO.  WWII battleship of the Japanes Imperial Navy as pilotable and ai-version. Mount Kongo was launched in 1912 and served as battlecruiser until 1929. She then got an recconstruction to a battleship, equipped with a catapult and carrying 3 floatplanes. In 1935 Kongo got again a modernisation to a fast battleship reaching more than 30 knots, eqipped with less casemat guns but many more AA-guns. Kongo fought in the Pacific war from 1942 until November 1944, when she was sunk by the submarine USS Sealion. The pilotable version has a very detailed virtual navigation bridge plus a 2D panel. Twenty six camera views let you explore all decks and the virtual bridge. The gauges are made by Pierre-Jean Carosin. The ai-version is proposed to be used with the great tool “ai-carriers2”.

FSDS 3.5 models and 2D panel by Erwin Welker

10 MB

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