FS2020 – Flying Tour of The Yorkshire Dales

FS2020 – Flying Tour of The Yorkshire Dales. Way back in 2004 I wrote a guide book for FSX covering the Yorkshire Dales another of England’s hidden gems. We the toured the area on my `Flying Bike’! I have now updated it for 2020 and included are over 140 custom models which you are free to use, just send me a copy of your scenery. We have four fictional airfields, one near the town of Ingleton, a second near the hamlet of Horton in Ribblesdale a third near to the town of Grassington and a real life airfield at Middleham. This guide will show you in great detail the beauty of the Dales.I have also placed some arrows and supplied flightplans to help guide you around. This guide book is going to be more than just a flight guide I am going to show and tell you as much as I can about the Yorkshire Dales as possible. For you pot-hole (spelunkers) officianados out there. Back in the 19th century a man by the name of Edouard Martel was the first man to reach the bottom of a pot hole by the name of Gaping Gill (Ghaping Gill). At the end of the book I have reproduced a transcript of his actual diary.

By Neil Birch.

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