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Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Arrival and Departure | Toronto Pearson Int’l

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Arrival and Departure | Toronto Pearson Int’lThis has gotta be one of the coolest flights of the year for sure, a Swiss Boeing 777-300ER into Toronto from Zurich for a couple of flights of cargo. There was originally some four or five flights planned but at the time of posting this video only two have happened and this video shows the arrival of the first and departure of the second.

SWR2694 was cleared into Toronto from Zurich arriving on RWY 05 at 2304hrs and parking at stand 503 at the Cargo West for the offload. The departure of this flight was substituted out for the second departure since the first departure took a RWY 15L departure from the Hotel taxiway intersection which wasn’t the most convenient for us. The second departure was in the rain as SWR2695 pushed out of stand 509 at the Cargo West to a RWY 06L departure back to Zurich at 1822hrs, more loaded than the flight before which was super light. Enjoy the video everyone!

Ernest G.




Airline: Swiss
Flights: SWR2694/SWR2695
Aircraft: Boeing 777-3DEER
Registrations: HB-JNK/HB-JNL
Origin and Destination: Zurich Int’l (LSZH)

Date Filmed: 12MAY20/14MAY20
Times: Arrival at 2304hrs, Departure at 1822hrs

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