FS98 – Baade 152-V20

FS98 – Baade 152-V20. This is a modernized revision of the legendary first jet-powered passenger aircraft built in Germany – the Junkers Baade 152. I call this fictional new version the V20 and it is powered by modern Rolls-Royce Allison AE 3007A (known from the ERJ-145 and Legacy 600) wich have exactly the same size like the original Pirna 014 engines but with 22% more thrust and 50% less fuel consumption. Included are two paints: the brazillian PachAir VA and the german Interflight VA. Further Included: a modernized panel / glass cockpit with (freeware) realCRT displays, ACS-GPS, and other good fuctions.

Original aircraft model by Frank Manke, new flight characteristics and repaint by Andre Lederer (Lionworks).

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