FS2004 – The Natural World 2019

FS2004 – The Natural World 2019. TNW19 upgrades all FS2004 world ground and seasonal texturing with dedicated texture set for the Semi-Arid and Desert Areas giving flightsim over 3000 more bespoke textures to render, all hand edited with corrected autogen which gives FS9 users more variety and an overall amazing visual experience, a real boost to realism. added to that all the autogen trees and buildings have been replaced or upgraded, the sky, sea, clouds and environments have all been enhanced. TNW is the only program that upgrade the Green Areas without downgrading the more dryer areas, TNW goes a lot further than any other similar scenery package transporting Flight Simulator 2004 into this decade when used with my and cfg file and other Tweak and settings.

400 MB

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