FS2004 – Lynn Lake CYYL North Manitoba Canada

FS2004 – Lynn Lake CYYL North Manitoba Canada. Lynn Lake was established in 1950, when a mine to the south at Sherridon was nearing closure as the copper deposits were depleted. The new discovery of nickel at Lynn Lake, followed shortly after by the discovery also of gold, prompted the removal of the housing at Sherridon to the new location, 120 miles to the north (each was moved intact, towed overland during the winter). The mine closed in the late 1990’s as world prices dropped, but could restart again if prices rise. There is an extension of the railroad that reaches Lynn Lake from Leaf Rapids that could also be reopened if required. The current town economy includes numerous lodges for fishing and hunting, and the population is under 500. The Lynn Lake airfield is 1 mile to the west of the town. It has just over 5,000 feet of asphalt runway, lit, and aligned 17-35, with VASI at each end. There is also a secondary runway that is gravel and aligned 80-26, unlit. This is posted as an individual airport with textures etc but can be added into the Gillam post by copying over the BGL’s and textures (though the textures should all be already in the Gillam post). Whatever you prefer to do. I just noticed that some textures are not included here (cars, for instance) but any that are needed can be copied over from the Gillam post. There is a brief glimpse of Lynn Lake in the video.

By Roger Wensley.

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