FSX – Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket

FSX – Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket. Douglas D-558-2 achieved Mankind’s first Mach 2 on November 20, 1953. I’ve been longing for aircraft since I was a kid, but somehow I got to know D-558-2 six months ago. The reason was that the glory of Chuck Yeager and Bell X-1 was so dazzling that I couldn’t see D-558-2. And Albert Scott Crossfield and Douglas D-558-2, who achieved the world’s first Mach 2, became my heroes alongside the X-1. The very elegant streamlined design of D-558-2 is very beautiful. It’s a very perfect design! The triangular canopy glass is small and the pilot’s face appears to be trapped. What a small and unique cockpit.  What does the landscape from this cockpit look like? And I was excited to see the powerful take-off photo of D-558-2 using JATO(Takeoff support rocket unit). I wanted to reproduce these in FSX. This model is D558-2 number 3 and is a hybrid of turbojet and rocket engine. I dedicate this model for the great history of aircraft.
FSDS v3.5 model by uenoshing.

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