FSX – Junkers Ju-390 Package

FSX – Junkers Ju-390 Package with four versions. The Junkers Ju-390 was the enlarged version of the Ju-290 with 4 engines whilst the Ju-390 was equipped with six engines a 1700 hp. The prototype in an unarmed cargo version made its first flight in 1943 and entered service in 1944. It was also tested as maritime recon bomber. The second model was never completed. My package includes also the planned but never built versions as maritime bomber with wire controled rocket propelled Henschel HS-293 gliding bombs and two long range heavy bombers, known as “America bombers”. The models comes with photorealistic 2D and VC panels (regarding museum photographs of a Ju-290 panel), many animations including HS-293 gliding bombs. The models are shown with twelve cameras, including three gunner views with animated MG15 or MG151.

FSDS 3.5 model by Erwin Welker

27 MB

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