FSX – Practical Vertical Guidance Gauge

FSX – Practical Vertical Guidance Gauge for General Aviation. “What If” there was such a device that used field elevation at a waypoint for a VFR Pilot, would it look like this; applied to a simple Loran-C or RNAV VHF receiver, possibly seen in your rental before there ever was a GPS System onboard? Add one of these gauges to your existing King 8002 Loran, King KNS-80 RNAV, or Narco NS-800 RNAV receivers and any airfield position on earth can be navigated into on a 3-degree, calculated glide slope. Furthermore, you can setup a runway center-line approach using the OBS Knob, maybe to a field you have never been to before and make a “straight-in” arrival like it was your home base! Try out a VFR “Tee-Bar” approach, 10-nautical miles out, on any airfield.

By Ronald Prindle

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