FS2020 – KDWS – Disney World Airport

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FS2020 – KDWS – Disney World Airport. The Disney World airport/STOLport (also known as the Lake Buena Vista airport/STOLport) is a now closed airport that was located just south of Magic Kingdom park in Florida. The runway in my recreation is accurate in terms of size. Due to there being no actual pictures of the parking area aside from two planes facing the camera (literally nothing, no idea on parking, buildings, lighting, etc), the apron (parking) area is one giant guess. My version is meant to be representative of how the STOLport was back when it initially opened in 1971. Main differences in this scenery compared to now are a much smaller apron area, next to no buildings, and no connecting road at the end of 34. Currently the runway is used as a storage area for various Walt Disney World project equipment and the apron now has trailers and small offices on it.

By Joshua Gerard

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