FSX – Pilotable Battleship HMS Prince Of Wales

FSX – Pilotable Battleship HMS Prince Of Wales. A King George V-class vessel. Prince Of Wales was commisioned in January 1941 and was supposed to support HMS Hood against the German battleship Bismarck in May 1941. Prince of Wales served at the Atlantic, the Mediteran Sea and finally in Far East. In December 1941 she and the battlecruise HMS Repulse were attacked and hit by torpedos of japanese submarines and finally sunk by air attacks. Now you can explore this warship in camo textures by toggling through twenty five cameras showing hundreds of realisticly details including a virtual nav-bridge. Effects are seperatly configured for port and starboard. The original grey textures for the ai-version of the HMS King George V. are included. The Ai-vessel is converted from Sketchup to native FSX by Klaus Novak and belongs to his WWII Royal Navy fleet at SOH.

Repaint in camo, 2D-panel, configurations and files for pilotable vessel by Erwin Welker

19.5 MB

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