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1 Hour Watching Airplanes Plane Spotting Chicago O’Hare International Airport

1 Hour Watching Airplanes Plane Spotting Chicago O’Hare International AirportAh! It is a good game we play… the game of planespotting. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But there is always another great catch, always another great opportunity for the one who seeks. Perhaps this is what makes aircraft spotting so addictive and enjoyable. These past few days have been busy ones for me as I have tried to catch a few specials and a number of cool catches in the minimum time possible. Although I’m clearly not the best as this game, I am happy to say I got most of them.

Filmed June 14th – 21st 2020

On June 21st, I had a great time hanging out at the ol’ ORD with two friends, Sean and Mike! I’ve known them both here on YouTube for a long time but we’ve never previously been able to make it work to planespot together… Both have great channels and I highly recommend you check them out!!

Sean’s Channel – Lepp Aviation

Mike’s Channel – MT Aviation Photo & Film -MTrain999

Aircraft / Airlines Featured

00:00:00 Qatar Airways Airbus A350
00:02:43 Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A340
00:03:49 Saudia – Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-3FG/ER
00:04:34 Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9
“ADNOC – Choose Thailand” special livery
00:05:42 Amazon Prime Air Boeing 767-319/ER(BDSF)
00:06:24 Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
00:07:32 Emirates Boeing 777-36N/ER
00:08:21 Pakistan International Airlines – PIA Boeing 777-240/LR
00:11:36 Saudia – Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777-3FG/ER
00:12:49 FedEx – Federal Express MD-10-10F
00:13:50 China Southern Airlines Cargo Boeing 777-F
00:15:43 China Southern Airlines Cargo 777-F1B
00:17:09 Cargolux Italia Boeing 747-4R7F/SCD
00:19:05 Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:19:48 Atlas Air Boeing 767-324/ER
00:20:21 Air France Boeing 777-328/ER “SkyTeam Alliance”
00:21:55 EC-LZO Privilege Style Boeing 767-35D/ER
00:22:52 Western Global Airlines Boeing 747-446(BCF)
00:23:50 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZ/ER
00:24:20 CargoLogicAir Boeing 747-428F/ER/SCD
00:25:35 Korean Air Boeing 777-3B5/ER
00:26:30 United Parcel Service – UPS Airbus A300F4-622R
00:26:55 EVA Air Boeing 777-35E/ER
00:27:34 American Airlines (Allegheny Airlines) Airbus A319-112
00:28:23 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-232/ER
00:29:11 United Airlines Boeing 787-10
00:29:53 Japan Airlines – JAL Boeing 777-346/ER
00:31:00 British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:31:43 United Express (GoJet Airlines) Mitsubishi CRJ-550
00:32:18 American Airlines Boeing 737-823 “Oneworld Alliance”
00:32:55 Cargolux Boeing 747-8R7F/SCD “50 Years of Cargolux”
00:34:15 United Airlines Boeing 787-10
00:35:00 Nippon Cargo Airlines – NCA Boeing 747-8KZF/SCD
00:36:11 United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:36:54 Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:37:28 LOT – Polish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:39:09 AirBridgeCargo Airlines – ABC Boeing 747-46NF/ER/SCD
00:40:10 United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
00:40:54 Korean Air Cargo Boeing 777-FB5
00:42:01 Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-214
00:42:33 Air France Cargo Boeing 777-F28
00:43:07 United Airlines Boeing 757-324
00:43:43 Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1041
00:44:39 Aer Lingus Airbus A330-302
00:45:21 EVA Air Cargo Boeing 777-F5E
00:46:40 China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-409F/SCD
00:47:53 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320-271N
00:48:31 Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-3F2/ER
00:49:12 United Airlines Airbus A319-132
00:50:19 British Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
00:50:58 Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
00:52:04 China Cargo Airlines Boeing 777-F6N
00:53:04 United Parcel Service – UPS Airbus A300F4-622R
00:53:45 All Nippon Airways – ANA Cargo Boeing 777-F
00:54:43 American Airlines Boeing 737-823
00:55:15 Western Global Airlines MD-11(F)
00:55:57 Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777-F
00:56:56 FedEx Boeing 767-300F
00:57:29 British Airways Boeing 787-9
00:58:14 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-232/ER
00:59:11 Kalitta Air (DHL) Boeing 777-F1H
01:00:12 Lufthansa Airbus A350-941
01:01:26 Air China Cargo Boeing 747-4FTF/SCD
01:02:39 EVA Air Boeing 777-36N/ER
01:03:38 Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo Boeing 747-867F/SCD
01:04:43 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-3DZ/ER
01:06:00 Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo Boeing 747-867F/SCD
01:07:13 United Airlines Boeing 767-322/ER
01:07:54 Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-100
01:09:33 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-232/ER
01:10:34 Air Transport International – ATI Boeing 767-232(BDSF)

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