FSX – The Fireflash (TBs)

FSX – The Fireflash (TBs). The Fireflash is a hypersonic airliner, capable of travelling at six times the speed of sound. It can carry a maximum of 600 persons (passengers and crew). Its luxurious interior contains a comfortable lounge in each of its two main wings; its cargo area includes a vehicle garage (seen in The Impostors); and its cockpit is located, unconventionally, in the tail fin. The Fireflash fleet has been the target of at least two separate sabotage events – both of which required the intervention of International Rescue… This addon package is designed for FSX Steam Edition, it may work in FS2004, Normal FSX at your own risk. This aircraft is a working prototype, a further release of this package is currently planned for some time in the near future, and is the first release of this type, my very third successful attempt at creating my own aircraft. All credits and copyrights go to their respective companies, eg Thunderbirds (TM), Supermarination, Gerry Anderson, AP Films, ITV Studios, Associated Television (ATV), Arthur Provis and Robert Leigh.

By Edward Powell

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