FSX – The AVIA 57 Float Plane

FSX – The AVIA 57 Float Plane. by Milton Shupe, Nigel Richards, John Smith, and James Banks with help from SOH members. Our gratitude goes out to several very helpful and interested Czech Republic aircraft enthusiasts who were instrumental in discovering rare information that was key to the design quality. Pkg incl one cargo Aircraft with custom FSZA/P3D (and FSX SP1/SP2) flight models and features era panels and gauges, easy-to-read clickable virtual cockpits, elegant cabin interiors, and beautifully crafted thematic exterior textures. Authentic Radial Custom sounds included with thematic variants. Special thanks to Bill “Lionheart” Ortis for use of the pilot figures.  This is the last in the series of Avia aircraft we have done. They are the Avia 51, 156, 56, and 57, all original Czech designs by Robert Nebesar.

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