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Rochester International Airshow 2019 | Rest of the Performers

Rochester International Airshow 2019 | Rest of the Performers- Class of 45, Redline Airshows Rest of the Performers- Third Strike Wingwalking, Misty Blues Skydiving Team, Class of 45′, US Navy Legacy Flight, Third Strike Wingwalking, Adam Baker Playful Airsows, Redline Airshows
2019 Rochester International Airshow
Greater Rochester International Airport
Rochester, New York
Sunday, August 25th, 2019

IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to the final video of the Rochester International Airshow of 2019.

This video will showcase the rest of the amazing performers that made up this years show including a variety of performers starting it off with Third Strike Wingwalking and Carol Pilon which some of you might recognize from the show ‘Airshow’ that aired on the Discovery Channel for a channel for a bit, doing a bit of wing walking before returning later in the show with a college of hers with double wing walking with two women on top of the bi-plane.

Next, the Misty Blues All Women Skydiving Team got it started with the amazing parachute display as the Canadian and US National Anthems were played followed by the Class of 45′ taking into action with two F4U Corsairs transitioning into the US Navy Legacy Flight with one Corsair and one Texan II. Afterwards, Adam Baker came out in his Extra 330 which he calls the ‘Playful 330’ to do some killer aerobatics and then Redline Airshows with their two Vans RV-8 synced aerobatic display.

All in all, an excellent show, great venue and lots of good people! Thanks to the Rochester International Airshow of 2019 for an awesome time and big thanks to the pilots, volunteers and organizers for a great event! See ya next time!

Ernest G.


0:00/ 9:42 Third Strike Wingwalking
2:25 Arrival of the Patriot Guard with the Misty Blues All Women Skydiving Team and National Anthems
6:45 Class of ’45
8:49 US Navy Legacy Flight
11:38 Adam Baker- Playful Airshows
14:11 Redline Airshows

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