FSX – Syracuse to New York’s La Guardia Mission

FSX – Syracuse to New York’s La Guardia Mission.This mission offers two distinct modes of flight, VFR and IFR. The VFR mode is “Tutorial” and prepares you to fly the IMC mode, which is a “Challenge” varying from “Easy” up to “Expert”. A Reward is granted ONLY for a conditional successful completion of the IMC mode with performance rated as “GOOD” or “EXCELLENT”. To be successful, you should be adept at operating the OBS and Nav radios, as well as the AutoPilot and instrument flying in general. This mission is intended to help the User to learn to interpret Arrival and Approach charts. You will takeoff from Syracuse, New York (KSYR) on runway 15 and climb to 10,000 feet. You must then fly to GeorgeTown VOR (GGT), from where you will fly radial 313 inbound to Rockdale VOR (RKA). From there you must fly the infamous HAARP THREE arrival course to land on New York La Guardia runway 22 and taxi to parking terminal. In VFR mode, you will receive verbal instructions along the way, so listen carefully. It is also recommended that you have open the Message Window for dialogue reference, as well as the printed charts. In IMC mode, you will have dialogues ONLY for takeoff, approach and landing, so have the included charts printed out and ready for reference. Only Excellent or Good performance will yield a Reward. In each mode you will be rated on both cross track and altitude compliance at each of the 9 checkpoints and performance will be logged on the Flight Results Tab. Cross Track allowances are +- 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 miles and altitude is +- 100’, 150’ and 200’; respectively for Excellent, Good and Fair ratings.

By Jake Rogers

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