BOEING 747 vs. AIRBUS A380 – Who wins?

BOEING 747 vs. AIRBUS A380 – Who wins?Boeing 747 vs. Airbus A380 – The aviation battle of the century. The flag ship of Boeing versus the flag ship of Airbus. Although Airbus recently announced to cancel the Airbus A380 production I deciced to go through my entire video collection and put together an aviation compilation of my two favorite heavy airplanes – The Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747.

Let me know in the comment section which of these planes you prefer. The Boeing 747 of Air Atlanta in special “Iron Maiden” colours should be the most amazing Boeing 747 I have ever filmed. The band used this airplane for their last world tour and visited Düsseldorf Airport with this wonderful Jumbo Jet. Right behind the Iron Maiden footage I included my favorite Airbus A380 livery by All Nippon Airways. It will be hard to top this beautiful turtle livery.

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