FSX/P3D – Rogozarski IK-3 Updated

FSX/P3D – Rogozarski IK-3 Updated. The Rogožarski K-3 was a 1930s Yugoslav monoplane single-seat WWII fighter. Unlike the famous P51, Me-109 or Spitfire this plane is pretty much unknown nowadays. Nevertheless, this update should be looked upon as a tribute to the K-3. The package features new and more realistic panels and gauges, although the gauges are not authentic Yugoslav as there are none available for the simulator. Also, the flight dynamics have been improved considerably. This was originally a CFS2 model, made flyable for FSX by Erik Hertzberger, original CFS2 model by William Dickens and his team, added camera views by Erwin Welker.

New panels and FDE improvements as well as smoke and nav lights by Michael Pook

12 MB

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