FSX/FS2004/P3D – AI-Fleetoiler Caliente With Refueltube

FSX/FS2004/P3D – AI-Fleetoiler Caliente With Refueltube. FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3d.V3 AI-Fleetoiler USS Caliente AO53. This vessel is a tanker of the US Navy, based on the cimarron-class from 1939. It has the original length of 169 m whilst the USS Mispillion (available from Earl Watkins) and seven more other ships became “jumboized” between 1964 and 67 with an extended length of 30 m and almost double capacity. USS Caliente served until 1973. My ai-ships are reworked models from Earl Watkins, one is ready to supply another vessel with a fueltube ready for refueling. This ai-vessels are supposed to be used with the great tool “Aicarriers2.zip” from Lamont Clark. Since my navbridge I use personaly is a copyrighted 360° lookarround panel I can not provide my pilotable version to the public, sorry!

Original Mispillion (MDL&textures) by Earl Watkins, reworked and shortend by Erwin Welker

7 MB

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