TAXIING in a 75-Year-Old PBY-5A Canso at Red Deer Regional Airport!

TAXIING in a 75-Year-Old PBY-5A Canso at Red Deer Regional Airport!Thank you to the Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society for this incredible opportunity! Please take a look at their website and consider making a donation to keep this amazing aircraft flying:

What an amazing experience! This PBY-5A Canso, a Canadian-built version of the PBY Catalina, a flying boat used during World War II, paid Red Deer a visit on Sunday May 27th for the “Props and Pistons” event held by YQF. Needless to say, once I heard a Canso was going to be there, I wanted to catch it! While at the event, I spoke to the crew about their departure time, and one of them suggested I could tag along while they taxi from their parking spot for the show to an FBO be refuelled for their flight back home to Fairview, Alberta. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! Enjoy this special footage from inside a historic World War II Patrol Bomber, starting up, and taxiing across Red Deer Regional!

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